Go digital - The Krenek residence in Palm Springs will be digitized

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Recently, we featured an article on the house of Ernst and Gladys Krenek in Palm Springs. (Read the article: Sun, cactuses and mountains - A visit to the Krenek residence in Palm Springs in California)

During the visit in September a team from the Danube University Krems made measurements and a thorough documentation of the house including the original furniture and the surrounding garden. All distances and spacings in the house were ascertained using laser technology and applied to create a floorplan of the building. For three-dimensional visualisation high-resolution pictures were made with a 360°-camera and completed with detail pictures of the various objects that are still present and create atmosphere in the house.

In a future step the collected data will be fused into a virtual 3D-model that will provide a digital reconstruction and visualisation of the house. Thereby, a permanent preservation of the house beyond its ‘natural’ lifespan will be obtained and interested people all over the world will be able to virtually visit the living and working space of Ernst and Gladys Krenek and the surrounding desert garden.


Thu, 12/12/2019 - 14:47
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