Moment! Music - Time for music by Ernst Krenek

Music education

At regular intervals, Moment! Music allows small glimpses into the music of Ernst Krenek, and is addressed to all those who want to delve into new musical areas. The musical examples are each ca. 60 seconds long.
The idea is this: Find a quiet place, sit down, make yourself comfortable, and close your eyes. To begin with, you hear a short musical excerpt without any information about the piece. Afterward, you can formulate your own thoughts about what you heard, perhaps even write them down. Finally, you read the text with the background information and look at the corresponding picture. The texts and instructions are prepared in such a way that all age groups can understand and comprehend them.

The first Moment! Music articles by Veronika Großberger are already online – new ones will be posted on a regular basis!

Concept and idea with the friendly assistance of mica - music austria

Mon, 04/27/2020 - 14:16
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