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Since February, the Ernst Krenek Institute Private Foundation has been under the direction of a management team in close collaboration with the board of the foundation.

Clemens Zoidl will be responsible for the scholarly / artistic direction and also for the direction of the archive, Martina Pröll and Alethea Neubauer as foundation managers for the operational agenda, public relations work, and events, as well as the for the management of the Ernst Krenek Forum Betriebsges.m.b.H. After her maternity leave, Hannah Kvarda will again be occupied with the archival recording and cataloging of the legacy. As a freelance employee, music educator Veronika Grossberger will be dealing with the reorganization of the Ernst Krenek Forum and, as in the past, with the music education projects.

As longstanding colleagues, the team has grown fond of working for Ernst Krenek’s eclectic and fascinating personality in all its facets. With many ideas and inspirations, efforts are underway to make Ernst Krenek’s extensive works and activities accessible to a broad public.


University Professor Ernst Kovacic, Chairman of the Ernst Krenek Institute Private Foundation about the reorganization

“During the difficult years since the death of our benefactress Gladys N. Krenek, the staff of the Ernst Krenek Institute have grown together into an optimally coordinated team. This gratifying development prompted the foundation’s board to place the direction of the institute in the hands of this team.

Project development and realization will be carried out in coordination with the foundation board in optimal interdependent collaboration with the team.

The more streamlined structure of the institute, the clear allocation of responsibilities, and the youthful elan of the employees will facilitate the constructive and fruitful interaction between the team and the executive board and – I am convinced – on the whole significantly boost the efficiency in the sense of the foundation’s aims – the dissemination and reappraisal of Ernst Krenek’s works.”



Tue, 03/10/2020 - 15:17
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