Ernst Krenek‘s String Quartet „Nec aspera terrent“, W.o.O. 58 (1920)

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The new volume 3 of the Ernst Krenek Edition, Ernst Krenek’s String Quartet “Nec aspera terrent”, W.o.O. 58 is now available as an open access publication on our website.

The string quartet with the motto “Nec aspera terrent” is Krenek’s first string quartet, which he composed for an American composition competition in 1920. He didn’t add it to his list of works as his string quartet no. 1 though – no. 1 is his opus 6 composed one year later in 1921. A manuscript of the string quartet, the first draft, is located in the Vienna City Library, another manuscript – the fair-copy, which he sent to the competition to the USA – became only recently part of the holdings of the Ernst-Krenek-Institute’s archive.

The presentation on February 20, 2024, enabled Krenek’s work to find its way from the archive onto the stage and we’re looking forward to many performances to come!

Download the score, parts and the editorial report

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