Happy Birthday, dear Ernst Kovacic!


The hour causes change, turns the time.
What looks ahead subordinates itself to number.

From: Ernst Kreneks "Sestina", op. 161


Inventiveness, sparkling energy, always a pinch of idealism, steadily a breeze of humor, joie de vivre, tireless commitment, a positive and encouraging attitude, appreciation for music and its protagonists in its many facets, tact and empathy, serenity, modesty - this is how we know and appreciate our Chairman of the Board Ernst Kovacic and are very pleased to celebrate his 80th birthday with him in April!

As a violinist, as a teacher, as a conductor, as a festival director, as Chairman of the Board: Ernst Kovacic inspires his fellows, he connects and mediates, he builds bridges, and he loves music - whether old or new - with an enthusiasm that is simply contagious.

Dear Ernst,

congratulations on your 80th birthday! We wish you that you will continue to realize all your plans in the next decade with so much passion, dedication, and cheerfulness, full of health and sparkling energy!

And as Ernst Krenek has impressively exemplified to us: a little enjoyment and coziness with a glass of wine should not be missing now and then as "an expression of happiness experienced" (Memoirs)...

on behalf of the Ernst-Krenek-Institute-Private-Foundation


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