Autograph of the Overture „Campo Marzio“

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In 1937 Ernst Krenek composed the overture 'Campo Marzio' for conductor Leopoldo Casella and the orchestra of Radio svizzera di lingua italiana. The title of the overture refers to the district in Lugano in which the radio station was located. Already in the previous years, Krenek had repeatedly appeared with his own works in concerts organized by the radio station, which earned him Casella’s admiration and ultimately the commission for the composition of the overture.

Krenek wrote the first draft of this work within a few days in April 1937. The autograph of this draft was previously not known to Krenek research, and turned up on the music market only last year. The Ernst Krenek Institute was able to purchase this rarity at an auction and is very happy to now be able to make it accessible for research.



However, the completion of this piece coincided with my departure from Europe, and so I don’t know too much about what happened to this piece. Of the music I do not remember much either, except that I guess I employed some of the characteristic bell sequences that one could hear all over the canton of Ticino when they turned around the wheels upon which the church bells in the towers were mounted

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