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Thomas Zehetmair’s ICO debut (April 2017) was unforgettable. The vigour and freshness of his interpretation, his attention to detail was revelatory. For his long-awaited return, Zehetmair explores two centuries of Austrian music – a highly charged journey, both in style and emotion.
Mozart’s alleged long-time rival (more legend than truth) Salieri, was a respected composer and teacher in 18th century Vienna: both Beethoven and Schubert counted amongst his pupils. His well-crafted Veneziana highlights his mastery of Italian light opera. Mozart’s dazzling Violin Concerto No. 3 is breezy and full of melody – arguably his most popular. His Symphony No. 29 in A major is stylish but restrained, with a mighty finale which features dazzling scales in the violins, and repeated horn calls. In between, Krenek’s highly emotive Symphonic Elegy stands at the zenith of his compositions.


Antonio Salieri:
Sinfonia in D Major Veneziana

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
Violin Concerto No. 3 in G major, KV 216

Ernst Krenek:
Symphonic Elegy, Op. 105 In Memoriam Anton von Webern

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
Symphony No. 29 in A-Major, KV 201

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Irish Chamber Orchestra
Thomas Zehetmair, Musikalische Leitung / Violine

Christ Church Cathedral
Christchurch Place, Wood Quay

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