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Presentation of the workshop on acoustic memories


In many a night I lay sleepless in my bed in grandmother’s “cabinet” which I then inhabited, the rain dropping dismally against the windowpane, a late horse-drawn carriage clattering slowly by on the rain-wet pavement and the desperate far, far-away howling of a train whistle adding a note of unbearable, heartrending torment to the utterly hopeless ensemble of sounds.  This image I incorporated ten years later in one of the songs of my cycle “Gesänge des späten Jahres”.

Ernst Krenek, Memoirs



My first musical experiences outside our house were connected with the Volksoper, where I was taken in order to see the Christmas plays which were put on by most theaters in children’s matinees during the Christmas season.  These were usually dramatizations of some of the well-known fairy tales, fixed up with incidental music, dances and songs.

Ernst Krenek, Memoirs



The reality of war was driven hone to us one night, when we were aroused from sleep by a perfectly fiendish din.  I was lifted from my bed with a horrible start, and saw everything in the room plainly as at daytime.  The sky outside was bright and glaring as in midday.  Ghastly rumbling seemed to come down from the roof, shattering of glass and objects tumbling down on the ceiling and through the chimney.  My father thought it was an air raid – nobody had ever witnessed one, or had an idea how it was.

Ernst Krenek, Memoirs


Almost every person has references to music and looks back on a musical biography. Also, Ernst Krenek refers to musical experiences in his memoirs in which he remarkably often describes incidents where noise plays an important role and which he kept in his memories for many decades.

In spring 2023 the educational project started with an interview series with people standing in the middle of their lives and beyond that: Which music has influenced them? Is there any music connected to a special experience or sensory impression? Then a question of supposedly inconspicuous moments followed: Which noises/sounds can be remembered from childhood? Inconspicuous, because very seldom the spotlight is focused on the acoustic environment, which nevertheless has shaped our being significantly.






Several impressions were collected which served as a musical starting material for an artistic exploration with the dancer Katharina Weinhuber and the music educator Veronika Großberger. Together with the dance theatre Metaffa the workshop instructors related to the contents of the interviews and their own acoustical experiences. The project focused on a procedural approach. The trailer gives small impressions of the workshop.



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Trailer zum Tanzworkshop "Memory" im Salon Krenek in Krems

Fast jeder Mensch hat einen Bezug zu Musik und kann auf eine musikalische Biografie zurückblicken. Auch Ernst Krenek beschreibt in vielen Abschnitten seiner ... Details


Katharina Weinhuber, dance
Veronika Großberger, music

Date: August 19-20, 2023
Location: Salon Krenek and Minoritenkloster Krems

A workshop of the Salon Krenek in cooperation with Tanztheater Metaffa.

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