Live recording of Krenek's „String Quartet No. 4“, op. 24 with the Minetti Quartet

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In the ambience of our permanent exhibition "Visiting Ernst Krenek", the musicians of the Minetti Quartet bring to life the score of Krenek's Fourth String Quartet, first published in volume 1 of the Ernst Krenek Edition. Our edition is the first to present the work correctly. On the previous recordings, particularly the final movement was only available in a combination of two different versions, which dramaturgically finalizes the burlesque neoclassical fireworks of the first version somewhat unfortunately with the moody ending of the revised version. In any case, the first version played in the concert and in the video as an encore celebrates the musical qualities of a neoclassical rondo with effective final chords. Which version do you like better?

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Minetti Quartet
Maria Ehmer, violin
Anna Knopp, violin
Milan Milojicic, viola
Leonhard Roczek, violoncello

Live recording at the Salon Krenek on November 10, 2023.

played from vol. 1 of the Ernst Krenek Edition published by the Ernst-Krenek-Institute-Private-Foundation.


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