The animated films lead through the plots of selected operas by Ernst Krenek in an entertaining and compact way. The series begins with Krenek's most famous opera "Jonny spielt auf" (Jonny plays on)

Video in German only.



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Krenek Opera Shorts: Ernst Krenek "Jonny spielt auf", op. 45

Die Animationsfilme der Reihe "Krenek Opera Shorts" führen kurzweilig, unterhaltsam und kompakt durch die Handlungen ausgewählter Opern von Ernst Krenek (190... Details

Illustration & Animation: Markus Dorninger and Matthias Fritz
Text & Voice: Christian Reiner
Guitar & Audio Design: Karl Ritter
Content consultation: Veronika Großberger and Clemens Zoidl
Audio Mastering: Martin Siewert

A production of OMAi GmbH on behalf of Ernst Krenek Institute. Vienna, 2022.

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